Not having the king of Rolex is equivalent to not owning a Rolex watch— a Replica watch guide.

The watch I want to recommend today is the king of Rolex. It has a very high popularity. It is often sold out as soon as it is sold. Even a watch is sold at a sky-high price. There are people paying for it. This is the popular king of Rolex – Day Tona.

Rolex Day Tona

From positioning, Daytona is a more complicated Rolex watch, and it is also a relatively high-end sports model. In the 1930s, Rolex cooperated deeply with the Daytona circuit and launched the Daytona suitable for racing drivers in 1963.

In 2017 years, Paul Newman’s Daytona sold for 118 million yuan, breaking the auction record for steel watches and adding legendary color to Daytona.

Daytona is very popular in the market, and it is almost impossible to see it even outside the counters. Many Rolex counters may only have a Panda Di in a year. In July 2020, it will cost almost 25,000 to 27,000 US dollars, which is not worth it. Everyone has their own opinions. For me, going beyond wages is going beyond the value of things.

  • Daytona is only 100 meters water-resistant, not very thick, 40mm diameter across the board, moderate in size, and girls can also wear it.

The most prominent feature of Daytona is that it has a timing function. The hour markers are made of 18K platinum coated with Lao’s chroma light luminous material. The central second hand of the timer can be accurate to 1/8 second. The clocks at nine o’clock and three o’clock respectively display the hours. And minutes, easy to read the timing time.

Daytona has two extra buttons. When the buttons are not in use, they can be screwed in like a crown to ensure 100 meters of water resistance. The two buttons are to start, pause or reset the timing function.

The speedometer scale on the outer ring reads real-time speed data after driving a certain distance, making the timing more reliable and accurate. The stainless steel bezel is equipped with a scaled speedometer on the outer ring, solid and elegant.

The jewel glass mirror anti-counterfeiting small crown is transparent and clear. After anti-glare processing, the transparency is very high, and the disk surface can be seen through the table mirror. The watch mirror and the outer ring are inlaid tightly to ensure the waterproof function in daily wear.

Several Daytonas with popular bezels in recent years are different from the old steel-color and gold-colored rings. They have indeed improved a lot of appearance. The black outer ring conceals the monotony of the steel color, and the matching is quite harmonious.

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